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Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Oriental Medicine of New England Home


We are happy that you have found us, and that you are taking important steps towards improved vitality and holistic health! You will find your practitioner is dedicated to working with your symptoms and patterns of imbalance in the context of the cultivating holistic wellness.

Here we practice a uniquely comprehensive and effective form of truly holistic Asian medicine.  David LoPriore Sensei, our Licensed Acupuncturist, is the only practitioner in the U.S. who practices Kosho Shorei Ryu style medicine.  Our medicine includes the practice of Yin-and-Yang-based medicine and Five-Elemental Constitutional Medicine. 

Yin/Yang or "Eight Principle" medicine is highly effective for treating imbalances and symptoms in all realms of function: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual (which means "character-development").

Five-Elemental Constitutional Medicine adds a rare additional dimension: it is the psychological and pro-active, self-cultivation medicine which looks deeply at how the workings of the mind, the emotions, patterns of habit, and our abilities to manage stress contribute to holistic wellness or illness.  (The same acupuncture points can be used with this paradigm, but to increase our potential to make the behavioral changes to patterns we have been stuck in for years, and which are at the root of our health problems.)

Kosho Shorei medicine also offers patients who are interested coaching, counseling and training in both life coaching such as the importance of drinking enough water, or getting enough sleep, and in formal traditional exercises, such as specifically-prescribed meditation techniques, or Asian energy-balancing exercises which can dramatically improve holistic health, without the need for long-term treatment.

Our practitioners are highly experienced in treating most health concerns, and have specialized training and experience in several areas.  

Be Well! 

Sensei David LoPriore, L.Ac., Director

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