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Acupuncture Efficacy PDF Print E-mail
With it's 10,000-year history and successful use by billions of people, we hardly need to make a case that acupuncture and Oriental medicine work! The largest population on the planet turns to these evolved holistic healing arts first when symptoms develop. They integrate well with western medicine, because western medicine is best used when symptoms are severe and the situation is dire. It is truly heroic and powerful medicine. Asian medicine is healthier, natural and gentler on the body. It is best used to prevent illness, cultivate holistic wellness, and nourish the destiny. It is still very effective, even late in the game when the health is very compromised, but requires, especially at that point, that the patient harness their own will in the cultivation of their holistic health. This is perhaps the entire point. Western medicine treats the patient without requiring the patient to make make fundamental changes which eliminate toxic lifestyle and behavioral habits. The view of Asian medicine is that this simply prolongs the inevitable, and creates a more harmful situation in the long run. Acupuncture works. And when it is done well, it will improve the entire quality of the patient's life, far beyond the cure of presenting symptoms.



...(After acupuncture treatment, my son) is doing things better-listening and getting along with other children; he thinks before he does things most of the time. He has not used meds for almost 4 ½ months.


“Mr. LoPriore was a light I needed at a time when doctors seemed to put me in the dark. To my family and friends, Mr. LoPriore’s dedication and attitude to the goal of healing my sons, has made a family full of hope and laughter.


“When we came to you, it was truly our last efforts towards conception. What an awesome surprise it was to all of us when we conceived barely 2 months into treatment! We believe that rethinking how we were expending our limited amount of energy was necessary step to take to allow my body to conceive.”


“Your ability to sense where the pain lies and how to alleviate it, has not only resulted in my living a better quality of life physically, but also mentally, as I no longer have to wonder about what I will do if the pain returns.”


“Not until I came to you last October did I have any marked and prolonged relief. From having headaches almost daily (at least eighteen a month), I had only two or three in February. I finally had a life not controlled by headaches.

“I was very impressed that David took such a lengthy amount of time to discuss my concerns about my health and to explain acupuncture as a treatment. I am very pleased with the acupuncture treatment sessions that I have had so far. David is very professional and friendly during each session.”


“I would highly recommend anyone, with any condition, to go to Shihan David LoPriore if they want to be pain free without the use of conventional medicines. I would also recommend anyone who has no diseases or conditions, to go just to maintain themselves to stay free of diseases and stress life can cause.


“Shihan LoPriore’s empathy and compassion make him an extra special person which, in turn makes him an exceptional healer. Shihan LoPriore is a “good guy” and I am grateful to have found him. He has changed my life and I owe him a great deal.”


“Where once a black hole of devastation wreaked turmoil and destruction, now exploding feelings of lightness and freedom carry me ever forward as I unfold daily into greater and greater experiences of harmony, peace, and true happiness.”

“Shihan LoPriore’s treatments helped me find my path on so many levels-physical, mental and spiritual! There are not enough words to explain the profound effect these treatments have had on my life. "