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41 Society Road, Niantic, CT

Monthly, o
n the 2nd & 4th Monday nights, 7:00-9:00pm

starting 24 March 2014

Just walk in any time listed; No medical history or intake questions necessary. 
Please bring military ID, DD214, or other identifying documentation. 
Only vets, active duty military service members will be treated.  
Some exceptions will be made for military spouses based on need and resources available.

PLEASE CALL US AT 860-739-5102 
OR EMAIL  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

* Our acupuncture treatment is completely free for veterans or active-duty servicemen.  
Thank you for your service!

If you are an American grateful for those who have served or represent such a business, and would like to help subsidize treatment for our veterans by donating to CAV, please see the bottom of this web page, or call 860.739.5102.

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Community-Style Acupuncture works! 
Come relax and rediscover health: body & mind.

For 10,000 years, acupuncture has been a primary form of health care in Asia.  Over the last 40 years, community-style (group) acupuncture has proven highly effective for treating emotional problems, chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), substance abuse, insomnia and much more.  It has been used in disaster relief efforts in many areas of the world to bring quick relaxation from the high stress of war, natural disasters, mass shootings, and other horrors.  Our military vets often return with PTS and other health challenges without a quality, effective way to get help they need.   All treatments will be performed by David LoPriore, a CT State Licensed Acupuncturist, 25-year practitioner of Asian medicine and 30-year martial artist specializing in treating and training veterans and other warriors.  At CAV treatment events, vets will not have to discuss medical history or even talk at all if they dont wish to.  Just sit quietly and relax as a painless acupuncture treatment helps you find peaceful, calm, holistic health.  You too can truly Come Home!

CAV (Community Acupuncture for Veterans) is a non-profit-pending organization founded in East Lyme, CT by citizens and vets who want to make a difference for those who served.  

Many of our patients have remarked that our treatments have helped them with Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic anger and stress, as well as specific individual chronic pain; some patients are returning week after week because of the great benefits they are receiving.  



 "This acupuncture (by Mr. LoPriore, L.Ac.) is the only treatment I have gotten that completely eliminated my pain"
- A soldier whose knee was crushed by a 500-pound gun while in the Army

"My wife left me while I was deployed:  I was angry, depressed and addicted.  I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  This acupuncture completely got rid of my anxiety and I fell asleep during the treatment!"
- a 20-year-old soldier

"I thought acupuncture was 'baloney,' but it cut my pain in half (in one treatment)!  It's no joke!"
- a submariner with a career-ending injury

Come let us help you feel great again! 

Download the latest CAV flyer here.  Please pass the word!!



CAV (Community Acupuncture for Veterans) is a non-profit-pending organization founded in East Lyme, CT by citizens and vets who want to help those who served.  Please donate to help our vets and military: 

For $20: Sponsor a treatment for a veteran; or donate $5 or $10 to partially fund treatment, and be honored on the CAV Facebook page.

For $60: Sponsor 3 treatments for veterans.  Be honored on the CAV Facebook page, and get a CAV baseball hat.

For $100: Become a CAV Donor, sponsoring 5 vets.  Receive a certificate of appreciation and a CAV baseball hat.

For $250: Become a CAV Major Donor.  Receive a plaque, and a CAV travel mug and Special Forces operator's ball hat.

For $500: Become a CAV Major Supporter.  Get a CAV personalized encased American Flag and SF 
operator's ball hat.

For $1000: Become a CAV Corporate Sponsor.  Receive CAV personalized encased American Flag, SF operator's ball hat, and dinner for two at The Oyster Club, voted the Best Upscale Restaurant in Connecticut.

If you or your business are grateful to those who have served, and wish to help subsidize treatment for our veterans by donating to CAV, please donate via check or online:

Every dollar we raise matters in treating our vets.  

Please make checks payable to "Warriors for Warriors CAV Project" and mail them to:

CAV Project c/o ASOMNE
339 Flanders Road Suite #107
East Lyme, CT 06333

 860.739.5102 if you need more information, or wish to give us information for your donation perks)

or donate through PayPal by clicking below: