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The nature of a quality Oriental medicine assessment and treatment is to diagnose and treat the whole person-- body, mind, and spirit, not just their body, and certainly not merely their symptoms. Symptoms are seen as a sign emanating from the body, mind, and/or spirit warning of internal disharmony. Where allopathic medicine all too often concerns itself with the alleviation of what Oriental medicine considers symptoms of a larger disharmony, we look carefully for the root of the problem, address it with a very wide range of non-invasive treatment options, and often find that the symptoms dissolve accordingly. When necessary, Oriental medicine can intercede with strong, very effective, yet safe, natural treatment methods aimed at addressing symptoms which have progressed. Often chronic issues need to be resolved before real internal healing can begin and holistic wellness can be achieved.

However, dealing only with symptoms is the lowest form of application of the arts of Oriental medicine. Higher forms of treatment include the prevention of disease through the coaching and correction of lifestyle causative factors, and effective stress- and emotional-management. This type of treatment can occur right from the beginning of the treatment process, if the patient is fairly holistically well to begin with and has lived with good relative balance in his life, or can be undertaken at any time once major acute and chronic pressing issues, such as debilitating pain, have been addressed. Highest-level treatment can take the form of "nourishing the patient's destiny" by helping them deal with long-term internal disharmony which is so often at the root of problems that patients chase after for a lifetime without success. Nourishing the destiny is the form of our medicine that helps a patient get completely out of their own way in their life, in all ways large and small.  It can set a person free of all self-imposed suffering, and often times allows a person to experience a level of depth of vibrancy, in relationships, and with respect to one's own spirit that has never been experienced before.

It is this level of holistic healthcare that makes our clinic unique, even among acupuncture and Oriental medicine clinics.  The context of Kosho Shorei, and the methods of integrated Eight-Principle and Five-Elemental styles of treatment allow for patients to reap benefits far beyond even their own expectations.

The following set of ten questions is included with each patient's information packet and is filled out by patients before their initial assessment.  It brings up questions people have often been reluctant to face for years. This process can often shed light on inner issues which are at the root of most of the patient's symptoms. Once these issues are brought to light and resolved with a combination of acupuncture and other treatment, a person can often live a better, healthier, happier, and more successful life than they ever thought possible.

Personal Vitality Assessment

 "Health" is not merely the absence of pain or disease, but True Personal Vitality-

Living life to the fullest each day, not simply existing... waiting to die.

All illness can ultimately be traced back to disharmony in the Mind and Spirit.The finest medical minds in Cancer research say that the difference between those who live

and those who die can be attributed to Strength of Spirit- Personal Vitality.

How are you doing?

1. On a Scale of One to Ten, how would you rate your body's present condition, and how happy are you with your rating?

2. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?

3. If you were required to die after having accomplished five more things in life, what would these five things be?

4. Name five specific long-term goals.

5. In your Life, are there more things you're doing because you "Have To", or more things you're doing because you "Want to"? Make two lists and find out. Take your time. You have the rest of your life.

6. If you knew you were going to die in one year, would you change anything about how you are living now? If so, what?

7. Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a Long time? If so, why haven't you done it?

8. Personal Insights: What do I notice about myself as I review my answers to these questions?

Many people become very upset when they answer these questions. That is because these questions have been inside of them for a long, long time. They are frustrated. They have reached this age and still have yet to do much...

These questions are behind the symptoms many people run from doctor to doctor to resolve. Whether or not this is true on a large scale for you, it is always a good idea to take stock once in a while; To get back to the basics of what Health is.

Do you really want just not to be sick? Or do you want to LIVE A VITAL LIFE? Start now. Give yourself permission to be Fully Healthy. You have the power to move mountains. Use it!

9. Based on this assessment, what advice would you give yourself to help you become who you want to become?

10. Based on your own advice, what commitment are you making for the next day? week? month? year?


How to Prepare for a Treatment / Patient Reminders

Please consider the following before each treatment:

Bring a loose, comfortable pair of shorts

Do not eat or drink anything excessively hot or cold, or anything which might color your tongue for at least 90 minutes before your treatment. These foods will interfere with your diagnosis.

Do not wear perfumes or colognes to the treatments, out of consideration for others who may be allergic to these items.

Thank you.