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KSREM as Self-Cultivation PDF Print E-mail

Some patients come to our clinic in search of pain relief, and find something much deeper. Other patients, many of whom have been involved in the active cultivation of holistic wellness for years, find our practice to be an inspirational complement to the good work they are already doing. Either way, the integration of Eight-Principle Medicine, Five Elemental Constitutional Medicine, and Kosho Shorei Ryu philosophy and medicine, is a powerful source of deepening one's awareness of the subtle challenges inherent in True Wellness.

"Health" is far beyond the mere absence of symptoms. It is a healthy, well-functioning body, a calm, clear, and sharp mind, balanced emotions, and manifestation of the virtues of Propriety, Integrity, Righteousness, Wisdom, and Compassion. Our medicine offers acupuncture, herbal and other therapies which can very effectively help a person find relief from myriad physical and non-physical symptoms. But this is only "half of Phase One". The other half is to begin learning all of the ways, gross and subtle, that we have contributed to our imbalances and the manifestation of our symptoms, and to begin to take steps to rectify this.

"Phase Two" is the time when patients explore the depths of their mind, and courageously try to slay their ego, supported by mostly constitutional acupuncture and ancient self-cultivation practices they learn. Five Elemental Constitutional acupuncture helps us activate points as archetypes of virtue untouched by life-experience. This helps a patient actualize their intention to live unencumbered by self-imposed suffering. Unlike traditional western psychological counseling techniques, these methods rectify imbalances at the deepest levels of the being, not simply by getting at the patient's mental-emotional imbalances through conversation with the intellect or emotional exercises, although this can be helpful in certain cases in conjunction with our therapies. The points release a deep, hopeful reassurance that there "is no problem", by helping patients let go of the perceived negative conclusions- about themselves and life in general- drawn based upon their past history.

Phase Two also involves the learning and practice of exercises to nourish the destiny. For most patients, this involves Awareness Practice meditation and Asian energy-cultivation exercises. For others, it can also include martial arts, philosophy, brush-calligraphy, yoga, and even learning the medicine itself. There is no prescribed path that is ideal for everyone. We must each learn and use the tools we need at the time in which we needs them. This is why we require the guidance of an experienced teacher. In Phase Two, as patients learn about and do more to help themselves, often the frequency of acupuncture treatments will be reduced from weekly to every 1-3 weeks, monthly or beyond. Ideally, patients can reach a state of deep inner wisdom with little if any external guidance.