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Sensei teaching Five Elements


David LoPriore Sensei, L.Ac., our Clinical Director, has been practicing Asian medicine since 1990.  His Japanese title, Sensei, means "Teacher and Doctor/Healer" in the context of holistic wellness education, acupuncture, and Asian medicine.  He is uniquely-qualified to help patients heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances through his extensive experience in many Asian medical arts. LoPriore Sensei is an internationally-known expert in acupuncture, bodywork therapy, holistic wellness and psychological counseling, energy-cultivation exercises, meditation, herbology, and Japanese yoga.  He is able to tailor a health and wellness program to suit any patient's needs for both curative and preventive therapy.

His treatments, although they are profoundly relaxing, are not "spa treatments".  Because of his long and multivaried experience and his warm, nurturing connection to his patients, Sensei is able to help many people eliminate symptoms that they have already been to doctor after doctor and tried many pharmaceuticals to cure unsuccessfully.  This is especially true in cases of chronic pain and emotional symptoms.

Here at ASOMNE, our treatment plan is always to truly and deeply address all symptoms at the level of root-cause.  This often enables patients to work with and clear long-standing psychological blocks to their enduring holistic health in the process of treating symptoms.

The ancient Japanese warrior-healer-philosopher tradition Kosho Shorei Ryu that LoPriore Sensei teaches offers a profound vehicle to holistic self-cultivation for his patients and students.  Using a clinical integration of Kosho Shorei Ryu studies (most often meditation and energy cultivation exercises), combined with Five-Elemental Constitutional and psychological medicine, Eight-Principle medicine, and advanced Chinese pulse diagnosis; Sensei LoPriore specializes in the treatment of pain and other disorders in the context of the cultivation of holistic wellness.  In short, he helps patients see how their symptoms are linked to their self-conception, and ability to process and digest life's experiences.  He works frequently with mental-emotional, pediatric, female, musculoskeletal and internal disorders, and all sorts of pain syndromes and physical imbalances.  But, Sensei is nationally known for his work in truly holistic behavioral medicine, which unties entrenched symptoms derived from subtle patterns of thought, lifestyle and behavior.  He practices all five of the major modalities of Asian medicine: counseling, acupuncture, shiatsu-style bodywork therapy, energy cultivation exercises, and herbology.  This comprehensive integration of Asian healing arts allows him great clinical efficacy, even in very difficult acute or chronic cases.  He works with many local medical doctors and other practitioners to ensure patients have the best healthcare team available to them. 

LoPriore Sensei teaches seminars and has students internationally, nationally, locally and at Bushidokai Dojo, the school associated with our clinic.  He is the twenty third generation Kai Cho (Headmaster) of Kosho Shorei Shin Kai, an organization he founded in 2004 to spread the healing arts, philosophies and techniques of the ancient Japanese art of Kosho Shorei Ryu here in the United States.  LoPriore Sensei began his Asian medicine training with Seifukujitsu Japanese massage, a style that is highly effective for athletes, especially in the areas of both pro-active and curative care of sports injuries.  This style and many other Japanese bodywork therapies he has studied help Sensei to bring unique skills and experience to care for people with any kind of musculo-skeletal pain, especially those deriving from motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries.  He began his practice of shiatsu (Japanese acupressure and bodywork therapy) and herbal therapy in 1992.  This work, combined with over twenty five years' practice of Asian martial arts, energy cultivation exercises and meditation, allows him to have unique "energy-medicine" skills, and mindfulness-based intuition into patients' physical and non-physical imbalances, which makes his acupuncture unique, gentle yet powerful, and highly effective.

acupuncture for pain relief

Sensei began his acupuncture training in 1995, with an apprenticeship with Dr. Yu-Chen Jiao, a master acupuncturist and herbalist, who is also a world-famous orthopedic and neurological surgeon from China.  This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM or "Eight Principle Medicine") training gave him deeper and more comprehensive skills in the physical medicine of the internal (organic) and external (musculo-skeletal) systems.  After a 4,000-hour apprenticeship with Dr. Jiao, LoPriore Sensei passed the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine's board exams, and became a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Connecticut.  Another significant aspect of his training was a two year, in-depth course with Lonny Jarrett, L.Ac., who has written two of the most significant books on Chinese medicine in the English language.  The second of those, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, was edited partially by LoPriore Sensei and features his Chinese brush-calligraphy.  The course with Mr. Jarrett offered an integration of Five Element style constitutional medicine, Eight Principle medicine, and Dr. John Shen's in-depth tradition of Pulse diagnosis.


shiatsu treatment helps mind and body


As Kosho Shorei Shin Kai Headmaster, LoPriore Sensei is the senior physician-level practitioner of Kosho Shorei Ryu medicine in the world.  He has taught many practitioners his unique style of acupuncture, and hundreds of lay-people shiatsu bodywork therapy, energy medicine, mindfulness training, ki-waza and qigong energy balancing and resiliency-building exersises and other related holistic health practices. 

In 2014, LoPriore Sensei and several of his senior students founded Warriors for Warriors, a 
non-profit group that provides free acupuncture treatment, intervention assistance, counselling, and "Wellness and Inner Warriorship" training to military combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, emotional challenges, insomnia, adddiction and/or chronic pain.

Sensei's wife Cheryl is a Kosho Shorei Ryu student and teacher of over twenty-five years, is our Executive Office Manager.  Anna Fahy, a Certified Kosho Shorei Ryu Energy Medicine Therapist under LoPriore Sensei, a black belt in Kosho Shorei Ryu and a senior student of Daito Ryu, is also an ASOMNE Office Manager.  So, you will be in very capable and knowledgeable hands when you call our clinic.

Please call 860.739.5102 for more information or to make your first appointment!