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Along with a dedicated group of his students and patients, Sensei David LoPriore, L.Ac. founded the non-profit Warriors for Warriors, Inc. (WfW) and its Community Acupuncture for Veterans Project (CAV) in February, 2014 in East Lyme, Connecticut USA. We raise sufficient funds to offer completely free, advanced, community-style acupuncture treatment events at least twice monthly to US military service members and veterans, using protocols and techniques Sensei LoPriore developed over 25 years in practice.

In 2014, we offered nearly 400 of these free treatments all across Connecticut, including for the CT ARNG at the Hartford Armory, and at the Rocky Hill Veteran’s Home. With CAV treatment events, we are effectively treating PTS, anxiety, depression, substance abuse/addiction problems, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other issues facing individual veterans.

Once Warriors for Warriors’ non-profit status was approved in March, 2015, we began phase II fundraising for the True Warriorship program, which offers comprehensive, unique, patient-centered whole health treatment and education to individual veterans free of charge. This program includes a comprehensive 90-minute holistic health assessment, a course of acupuncture treatments, and 6-12 months of holistic wellness training. This training may include meditation, Asian energy balancing exercises, health & wellness and PTS discussion groups, traditional martial arts, advanced personal protection training, and much more.

Sensei LoPriore has 25 years’ experience and is a pioneer in Asian medicine in the U.S. He is the 23rd generation Headmaster of Kosho Shorei Ryu, and 800-year-old art of warriorship, mindfulness and holistic wellness developed by Japanese warrior-monks in 1235 a.d. As a teacher of the traditional Japanese martial arts and the C.H.E.A.T. D.E.A.T.H. advanced personal combative program for military special and regular forces and law enforcement officers, Sensei LoPriore has a unique perspective on working with our nation’s warriors. As an acupuncturist and psychological wellness counsellor, he has been successful in treating veterans with severe cases of chronic pain, Post Traumatic Stress, TBIs, and other conditions where drug-based treatment approaches and many other treatment modalities had failed for decades.

For more information, and to see current information and many testimonials about Sensei LoPriore's work with veterans, see, or the CAV or WfW facebook pages.

If you are a veteran, thank you for your service.  Now let us serve you!  We can even help you find out if the VA will approve expert acupuncture treatment here at our office for you.  Call us at 860.739.5102 today.