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Kosho Shorei Shin Kai

Kosho Shorei Shin Kai is a Japanese term which means the Organization which follows the True Spirit of the Ancient Old Pine Tree School of Encouragement to Self-Developmental Diligence. The school to which we refer is an ideology: the teachings of the 23-generation-old Japanese Warrior-Healer-Monk lineage of Kosho Shorei Ryu, which was founded in Kyushu, Japan around 1235 a.d., by ancestors of James Mitose Sensei.

The mission of Kosho Shorei Shin Kai is to:

  1. Spread the whole and integrated teachings of the Eight Arts of Kosho Shorei Ryu.
  2. Teach Shorei the diligent development of virtuous character, through the deep study and effective practice of all eight of the arts.
  3. Assure that all teachings are rooted physically in the Principles of Natural Law, and morally in the context of evolving human consciousness.
  4. Assure that all teachings contain the integrity of the original intentions of Kosho Shorei Ryus master teachers- that all Eight Arts must be studied diligently, that insight must be gleaned from each which informs the practice of each of the other seven, and that the ancient methods of this style be primary in its curriculum. Which means:

    • The primary instruction in the art is original Kosho Shorei teachings
    • In the absence of authentic Kosho Shorei Ryu teachings in specific areas, some of which have become lost in time, the Kai Cho must import teachings from other traditional Japanese styles, or styles the Japanese warrior monks of Kyushu, Japan may have had access to, giving credit to those arts, and integrating their teachings into the contextual framework of the Eight Arts of Kosho Shorei Ryu, based on the Principles of Natural Law, and in the context of evolving human consciousness. The precedent for learning from other arts and importing their methods, as long as they have the integrity of following the principles of Natural Law, is well-established in Kosho Shorei Ryu. Our lineage studies everything, and looks for similarities to the strong, Natural-Law-based traditions we already have, to discern essential wisdom.

Without the comprehensive study of all eight of the arts, the Kosho Shorei Ryu student cannot reach his full potential, or find an integrated or balanced process of development according to Kosho Shorei Ryu densho (legend).

The character Shin in Kosho Shorei Shin Kai is the character for heart or spirit. Our crest is worn over our heart. This symbolizes the rectitude we seek, and the intention to slay ego, get fully out of our own way in life, and develop to our fullest human potential.

Nana Korobi Yaoki Jinsei Wa Kore Kara Da!